Placing an Order

When you're done shopping, click “Checkout” to place your order. All of the items in your shopping bag appear in your order during checkout. If you don't want to order all of the items, simply edit your shopping bag. During checkout, you will be asked to provide:

  • Your e-mail address and password, for security purposes;
  • The address you want to ship to;
  • Your preferred shipping method (see shipping information);
  • Any gift options;
  • Your credit card type, number and expiration date; and
  • Any promotional codes you have received.

Save For Later

If you would like to buy some items in your bag now, but you are not ready to buy all the items in your bag, you can click “Save for later”. This feature moves the items you aren't ready to purchase out of your bag and allows you to buy only the items you want to buy now.

After you complete your purchase -- or when you leave and return to the site -- all the items you saved for later will be added back to your bag, so you can easily purchase them at that time, provided you have logged into your account or are using the same computer.

Placing an Order

You will have a chance to verify the information during checkout, if no changes are necessary proceed to “Place Order”. You will also receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been received within approximately 24 hours. We will send you another e-mail to notify you when your order has been shipped and that we've charged your credit card.

Note: you will not receive a paper invoice with your packaging, your shipping confirmation is your receipt.

Express Checkout Process

Register with us and you can store your credit card, billing and shipping information on our secure server, so you won't have to type them in every time you check out.

Placing an Order by Phone

If you prefer not to order online, you may call us with your information at 1-888-277-8953.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

You can only ship to one address each time you checkout. If you are shopping for people at different addresses, you will need to place each order separately.

You can use the “Save For Later” feature described above to help you separate the items in your order. Simply move the item(s) you wish to ship to a different address into your save for later area. After completing checkout for your first address, return to your shopping bag and purchase the item(s) for your second address.

Repeat as necessary for multiple addresses.